Why East Lansing Family Eyecare is the right choice for your vision needs. Let our friendly staff know if you would like further information about any of the following benefits or specialties we provide.

50% Multiple Eyeglass Pair Discount

Even if using insurance, all same day orders of complete 2nd pairs are 50% off. Great for performance sports glasses, Rx sunglasses, computer glasses, or to have different frame styles for different outfits.

Warranty on all Eyeglass Purchases

One- and two-year in-house warranties included with each eyeglass purchase.

Payment Plan

We can open a CareCredit account, which provides up to 12-months interest free equal monthly payments on your entire exam and material purchase.

Free Eyeglass Maintenance Care

Re-Alignments, screw tightening and replacement, and nose pad replacement when needed are included on all frames purchased for the life of the frame.

 Recycling Program

Bring in your no longer used glasses and unopened contact lens boxes for us to prepare them for use by our charity partners on international missions helping the less fortunate gain your gift of sight. Bring your used disposable contact lens packaging in for material recycling.  

Online Appointment Scheduling

At your convenience, schedule eye exams for your entire family directly from our website and receive text reminders. 

Free Contact Lens Shipping

Free shipping to your home on an annual supply of contact lenses.

Contact Lens “Subscription” Service

Enroll in Acuvue’s premium subscription service to have your contact lenses billed and shipped automatically at regular intervals to your home or business. 

Ortho-Keratology & Myopia Control

Certified and experienced prescribers of specialized lenses worn only while sleeping that gives you excellent all-day vision without needing daytime eyeglasses or contact lenses. Also used to help prevent further progression of worsening vision due to myopia. Works for kids, teens, and adults.  

Custom Contact Lenses

Hard, soft, and hybrid (part hard/part soft) lenses designed exactly for your unique cornea shape and vision needs. Sharper focus and improved comfort for the most challenging eyes not satisfied by traditional contact lenses.

Technology in Patient Care

Our state-of-the-art technology provides the best overall patient experience regarding comfort, time-savings, and care. Our digital imaging systems, high-resolution photographs, and automated visual field testers allow us to provide the highest quality in evaluation and treatment of eye and body diseases such as: dry eye, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration (and the effects in the eye from medications used to treat these conditions).